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Attention Video Manager

The most complete tool for handling video and audio in Cumulus.

Attention Video Manager – Prices

Attention Video Manager Basic, € 2.500,-
Includes licenses to one (1) RenderStation, Sites customization and Embedded Code (iframe). Administration can be done in both the native Cumulus Client and WebClient. Playback in Portals will become available soon. It also includes one (1) hour of online installation support provided by Attention Solutions.

Extra Render Station license, € 500,-
For high volume solutions with more than one Render Station.

Upload to YouTube module, € 500,-
Function to upload video to YouTube with one click, currently supports upload to one YouTube channel.

Upload to Vimeo module, € 500,-
Function to upload video to Vimeo with one click, currently supports upload to one Vimeo account.

Subtitle module, € 500,-
Module that allows you to import subtitle files and edit them in Cumulus.

Render Station Scheduler module, € 500,-
Module that allow scheduling of when the Render Station should run (eg. closing down before backup, only run outside working hours etc.).

Video Manager Basic Test-licenses for test and development, € 500,-
Licens that may only be used for test and development purposes.

Update maintenance 
The prices includes one year of update subscription. Renewal of the update subscription the following years, represents 18% of the total price without discount.